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Rabu, 02 Agustus 2006

Search Engine Marketing

First let me say that you should write for your audience and not the search engines. Now, with that being said, you will at some point have to consider Search Engine Marketing. To get major traffic to your site, you need the help of search engines.

If you ask 100 webmasters you will probably get 100 different methods of getting recognized by search engines, but they will probably all agree on one method. Quality links to your sites! If there is a site ranking well on Google and they link to a post you wrote, that will give you a favorable chance of getting ranked well. Now, will one link put you on the first page of Google? Probably not. You need quality links from numerous sites. First let me tell what I mean about Quality links. If someone who just started a site links to your site, it will not be as important as someone who has an established site with numerous pages that rank well. How do you get quality links? Write Quality posts! Search Engine Marketing starts with quality content. If you have excellent content, you establish readership, which in turn will develop return visits from readers. Return visits from readers gives you a better chance of ranking well with search engines. High rankings drives traffic to your site, high traffic helps your rankings with search engines. It is sort of a double edge sword, but the key is quality content.

Once you have established a site, start writing posts or pages and add to it daily. Dont write just to be writing. Write about meaningful ideas or subjects. Write about things you are passionate about. Sell the sizzle! There will be more ideas for Search Engine Marketing, but this is the foundation. Start here and we will add to it as we go.

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