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Rabu, 29 November 2006

The Importance Of Writing Content

One of the most important things to getting visitors to come to your site is writing quality content. If you are having a bad day and feel that you cannot give quality, dont write! Try it again tomorrow.
I have a blog titled Car Buying Tips To Save You Money. I started out writing an article a week, then every day, and now about every 3 days. It just depends on your writing habits, but dont feel that you have to be on a strict schedule. Yes, return visitors want to see new material when they return, but go for quality over quantity.

I receive about 50 hits a day with my money saving tips on car buying. There are some days I receive 300 and others it may only be 20. I really just write because I like writing. It is not that I am a good writer, I just enjoy it. Write about something you like and it will be better quality. That is my tip to get blog traffic for the day, write quality content. Thanks for reading.

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