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Minggu, 03 Desember 2006

SEO Copywriting; The Key To Keyword Articles

SEO Copywriting: The Key to Keyword Articles
By Tahjia Chapman

Search engine marketers are swarming to the internet in numbers, but many lack the ability to utilize keyword articles on their web pages. Now, companies are pursuing an answer for a key to keyword articles in order to attract more customers. With that understanding, keyword articles are very effective if they have the appropriate keyword density and short, informative paragraphs that interests visitors. Tapping into the search engines can be a bundle of work if the content lacks solidness for consumers to draw attention to a companys web site.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the number of keywords within an article, divided by total word count, and multiplied by 100. For example, the keywords phrase key to keyword articles in this article should exceed 1% when it is completed. Will it tap into search engines? There is a high possibility if my percentage was 5% or higher on a variety of pages on a complete site. There is more than one key to keyword articles, but density is number one for search engine optimization.

Why Must We Tap Into Search Engines?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Lycos can make a break a company�s online presence because consumers use keywords for specific products while online. If small businesses lack traffic, the possibilities of increased sales are minimal thats why their keyword articles must contain decent density. Search engine optimization (SEO) writers have to conduct the proper research to compete with the other million web sites for top 10 ranks. High ranks in the search engines will not promise a larger consumer base alone, the keyword articles must be interesting for readers.

Increased Traffic or Inattentive Clickers

Companies must remember that a web pages content must be interesting in order to avoid click away traffic. Click away traffic pertains to inattentive surfers that will find web sites uninteresting and click every nanosecond. So, what happens once a company receives increased traffic? The keyword articles must be short, informative paragraphs in a style such as this one. For example, attentive surfers will find this article much easier to read than a page long paragraph with cluttered material. Companies must use this key to keyword articles if they want potentials to come back for more information. If a consumer returns, the possibility for increased sales may be on its way.

The key to keyword articles vary from situation to situation because the formula may be different for each company. SEO writers ability to tailor content to fit a companys needs should be number one. Keyword articles have an ability to flourish a web site or break it determine what is best for your company at the beginning.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tahjia_Chapman

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