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Kamis, 25 Januari 2007

Drive Traffic To Your Site With Comments

Building a site or blog is an ongoing process. When you have it built, you want others to see it. There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog, but one method that many forget about is commenting on other sites. Have you ever been reading a blog and find yourself reading the comments on posts. There are times when you find comments more interesting than the blog itself. There are some things to remember though. Do not go around posting comments just to be commenting. Do so in a manner that lets everyone know you have read the post and are genuinely adding your ideas to the subject. Another thing, do not leave a comment that is an advertisement-otherwise known as spamming. Most all comment fields have a space to place your site url, this is suffecient.
I can say that I visit every site that leaves me a comment. I have found some very interesting sites by this method. But, any comment that is considered spam, gets deleted. Leaving a good comment will get you traffic. Most owners of sites will return your visit and leave you a comment along with many readers who find your comment interesting. So, check out some other blogs of interest and leave your thoughts behind and you will be discovered in the process.

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