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Selasa, 27 Februari 2007

Whats In A BLOG Name?

The next step when starting your creation of a Blog is coming up with a name or Title for your Blog. I use Blogger, and after you first create your name, you cannot change it. Therefor, you want a name that tells what your blog is about.

For instance when I started this blog, I wanted to discuss ways to make money blogging online. I named the blog MAKE MONEY ONLINE; Search Engine Marketing. After you create your title, you have to create a address. This can be a little more difficult as many are already taken. I named this one Money-Net.blogspot.com because many money names were taken.

The next step will to create your description of your blog. This is also important as this is what will show in the search engines when your blog is displayed. For Instance, Mine will look like this.

Make Money Online; Search Engine Marketing
Make Money Online, Work From Home, SEO Tips to make your site popular, Optimize your site for Search Engines, MAKE BIG MONEY! http://money-net.blogspot.com

This is some of the key steps in creating a blog because it will impact everything that happens from here on out. And, most of this information cannot be changed once it is set up. Think this out before proceeding. I will return with more tips to create a popular blog.

I suggest you do some research when picking your Blog's name. After you have an idea of what your Blog's name will be, do some online searches for similar names. Niche, or narrow ideas are the Best Blog's. The more specific your focus is, the more popular it has a chance of becoming. Think about it, if I have a clothing Blog, my focus is going to be all over the place, whereas, if I were to Blog about a specific name brand jean, I would have a more targeted visitor base thus making it much easier to monetize.

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