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Sabtu, 03 Maret 2007

Adding Google Adsense To Your Blog

The first thing I would suggest when adding Google Adsense to your blog is to wait until you have some posts under your belt. What I mean by this, do not put Google Adsense on your blog immediately thinking you are going to make big bucks.

Google Adsense takes a look at your blog and puts ads that are relevant to your content. If you put Adsense on immediately, there is not enough content to put ads to match your content. Second, there are some other things we will discuss later that you want to add to your blog. Many sites, such as Blogflux, will look at your blog as an advertising site and not allow nice features that you need!

Take your time when starting out. Concentrate on posting quality content and worry about making money down the road. If your blog is new, you dont have the traffic needed to make money with Adsense anyway. I dont mean to rant, but trying to keep you from falling in the pits I fell in when beginning.

After you have created some posts and feel you are ready to add Google Adsense to your blog you can jump over toTips on Adding Google Adsense to your Blog

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