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Senin, 17 Desember 2007

Make Money Online w/ Pay-Per Play

I was wondering around the web and came across some interesting information about how to make money online. Over the past few months I've been speaking with friends offline about how we may be moving away from a pay-per-click monetizing business model to a pay-per-action.

As the price of pay-per-click continues to rise some advertisers will undoubtedly be forced to look for other advertising mediums to continue to make money on the Internet. In any event I came across a site that reports to have a new business model for making money online. It reports to pay publishers (website owners) a percentage of advertising revenue from each unique visitor to the publishers site. This new monetizing business model is based on a short 5 second audio ad to the publishers site. For details on how the program works watch the video below or click here to watch the pay-per-play business model to make money online. I've not joined the program, but thought it was interesting enough to past on the information. As always check references. Perhaps you could be one of the early adopters of a new program and way to make money on the Internet.

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