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Jumat, 07 Maret 2008

Internet Marketing - Keywords

Internet Marketing - Keywords
By John Tebar

In order to find customers you need to know what they are looking for and keywords is where you start. There are a lot of different methods on looking for keywords but the fundamental theory is the same no matter what method you are thing of using.

If you've ever searched for something on the Internet, you've entered a few "keywords" into the search field. If you're searching for a company that cleans gutters in the winter, for example, you might search "house cleaner for doors." When you search, a whole list of house door "cleaners" will show up.

You need to build a list of keywords that pertain to your Internet marketing business. Keywords are a crucial part of your internet marketing plan. If you can anticipate the kind of things your customers might be searching for, you can reel them in with little to no effort.

There's really no science to selecting keywords. It's a creative process. And it can be fun. You will need to brainstorm for a bit. You'll need to be creative. And you'll need to think like a customer. Keywords are not just a single word they can be phrases as well. Keep that in mind when you start your search.

The first step to launching your online marketing campaign is selecting a list of the best keywords. Keywords will have one or two effects they will either bring you lots of traffic or very little traffic.

Getting lots of traffic does not guarantee anyone will buy, all keywords will do is fish for the right traffic, the traffic that you want to go to your opportunity or site. Some words will get you smaller traffic but the right traffic that you want.

Keywords are important to your overall marketing, since you will be using it in you ad copy, landing pages, emails and any other vehicle you choose in your internet marketing strategy.

Let's say that you are looking for traffic to a dating service. You would start with dating, now you have to be more specific in order to attract the right kind of traffic. Again that is determined by the product or service you are selling. If everything is design around the keyword "dating" then you will get thousands if not millions of hits and traffic for dating services, books, how to, what if... and the list will go on and on. You will have to be more specific in all marketing as well the use of your keywords. In this example if it is a dating service, then you want to use the keywords "dating services", not if you are a matchmaker, you may want to use the keywords "matchmaker dating service" which of course is more specific. Now you have seen online many different services such as Christian, black singles, millionaire dating services.

If you select keywords that send thousands of random people to your web site, you waste time and money. Instead use keywords that match the needs of your ideal client or customer, in this way you increase the probability of getting the right traffic for you.

There are several tools available such as Wordtracker, Overture, and software products that can help you find the right words that fit you internet marketing keyword strategy.

Ask your family and friends what kind of words they would use to describe your service or subject of your internet marketing web site. You can also use a thesaurus to come up with more keywords or phrases. This is one of the most important things that you should put a lot of attention on since you will be putting this into your copy and will be in the overall theme of your internet marketing strategy.

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