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Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Affiliate Links; How To Capitalize

Affiliate Links are one of the best ways to Make Money Online, but it is one of the most incorrectly used. First off, DO NOT use Affiliate Links on Blogger, I had a Blog banned that was making VERY good Money.

 Affiliate Links that perform the best are those that go along with a great article about the subject. For instance, writing an article about your favorite running shoes and then provide an Affiliate Link to where the reader can buy this running shoe. Most people will haphazardly fill a page with Affiliate Links and wonder why they never perform as well as everyone else's.

Also, in my opinion, linked images do not do as well as linked text.  Many of your Affiliate advertisers have pre-made Affiliate Links that have the most popular words linked in text.  You can get an Affiliate account at cj.com or one of the many other Affiliate Companies, even Blogger is getting into the Affiliate business.

Want to make more money?  Check all the different Linking Strategies that will help you get there.

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