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Kamis, 28 Juni 2012


Search Engine Traffic for a Blog may be easier than what you think. I will show you how to get first page Ranking with an in depth look at how to Rank higher in Search Results. I am optimistic that this post will be within the first page of your search if you searched with Google with words like "first page ranking for Blog" or some dirivitive of that phrase. I am going to tell you the do's and dont's of achieving Google First Page Ranking, the importance of 1st page ranking, and the Free Traffic you receive from this spot.

The importance of being on the first page for a Google search is obvious, you gain more exposure for your Blog. Think of your own searches, do you ever search the 2nd page of Search Results? In my own experience, I may search the second page of results 10% of the time when I cannot find the answer on the first page, but I usually refine my search to find the answer for which I am searching.

So it's a No brainier that we all want to be on the first page of searches and enjoy the influx of Free Traffic from Google, but DO NOT write for a Search Engine. What I mean by that is, don't try overusing words just to think you will be ranked higher in results. I am NOT writing this article with an attempt to fool a search engine, but want to provide a power packed informative post that provides the reader benefits on how to achieve these results. When you write with the reader in mind, you will always Rank better than if you are writing for a search engine.

  So the first don't; don't write for search engines!

Blogs sometimes have an unfair advantage over websites in ranking higher in search results. Blogs are constantly changing and updating information on a daily or weekly basis where most websites are put up and left alone for the most part. Websites may change information on a monthly basis in contrast to Blogs updating regularly.  If you keep the information current and fresh, you will always Rank higher with Google and other Search Engines.

  The second key to Ranking Higher with your Blog is; update often or post often.

If you read any of the popular Blogs online, you will notice that they are consistent in their posting. If you cannot post daily, post at least once a week or twice a week on a consistent basis.

If you want to Rank on the First Page with your Blog, you must use keywords in your title and your post must stay on topic. Use the keywords that you want to target in a natural flowing way. I like to just write and not pay attention to keywords because your natural writing will bring out the best keywords for your topic and these are the best ones for naturally ranking higher in Google and all Search Engines.

  The third tip is to use keywords, but let them come naturally.

  I assume that everyone knows that you can buy first page ranking using Google Adwords so I won't dwell on this issue, but basically, the highlighted pages at the top and right side of the search results are paid listings. It depends on the Keyword and competition as to how much this position will cost you.

The 4th tip to see page one Google Ranking is to buy your way there.

Make sure your Anchor Text is relevant to your keywords and the terms in which you are seeking first page Google ranking. Anchor text is the clickable portion of a link and gains stronger attention for a page in search results. If you have any pictures on the page, make sure your Alt tag is on page topic to reinforce search guidance.

  That gives us our fifth tip; make sure your tags are properly tagged to insure higher rankings in search results.

  On your Blog, especially Blogger, make sure you have a good descriptive title for your article. If you have a website, make sure you have good Meta Tags, especially your title tags. In Blogger, if you have not already done so, change the code in your template to display your post title before your Blog Title. If you are using a newer Blogger template, this tweak or trick has already been performed for you. In Blogger, make sure you put a label with the post similar to the words you are targeting in Google Search.

  The sixth tip is to properly tag, label, and link your article for top ranking.

  After you have written your post, encourage others to link to your post so as to gain more exposure and also gain better ranking from these incoming links. Promote your post or page on forums and Blog Carnivals. Get the word out and it will spread quicker and gain more linking and will help move the post toward the first page Google search.

  The seventh tip is to promote your post, not just your Blog, but your individual post.

If you are looking for First Page Ranking, Do not overuse Affiliate Links on this page.  Instead, if you are an Affiliate Marketer, Link to another page on your site to use Affiliates.  Keep your High Ranked and Optimized page clean and informative.  Affiliate pages do not rank as well as good informative pages, plus, there is nothing more aggrevating than being bombarded by Affiliate Links when you are trying to learn.

The Eighth tip for First Page Google Ranking;  NO Affiliate Links or Pop-Ups!

These are 8 tips of how to get your Blog or Website Page on First Page Google Ranking, but it really all depends on who Links to your Page.  PageRank has a huge impact on where your page lands and Google actually has the word PageRank Trademarked so they were the early implementers along with Stanford University and Larry Page who actually invented the idea.  Google paid Stanford University in stocks to use and Trademark the term PageRank.

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