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Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Long Tail Keywords; The Long Tail Keyword Tool

Long Tail Keywords are basically keywords in your Niche that may not have much competition or are phrases of keywords instead of a single word.

 Long Tail Keywords are much easier to rank higher than high competition words. An example of a Long Tail keyword compared to a high competition keyword is as follows: a high competition word would be "Make Money Online" where a long tail Keyword could be "Make Money Online Using Long Tail Keywords". This is a longer phrase, but could still pick up some Google Search Traffic.

There are several tools to use that will automatically help you use Long Tail Keywords for your Niche, but I have a better idea that will give you great results. Take your topic and write down the most important word then write down all words that people may search for that is related to this word and don't forget keyword phrases and even the longer phrases like, "make money online using Long Tail Keywords. This is an exercise that will help you come up with hundreds or more topics to write about. Don't forget with each of your words to drill down to all questions a reader may have about your topic.

 Also, another good topic to write about is readers questions. Instead of answering a question directly, write a post with the answer to the question because if one person has a question, then other readers will probably have the same question. 

Keywords and Keyword Tools have their place, but dont get so hung up on getting the right Keywords that you dont write valuable information.  I have said it before, but ALWAYS write with your reader in mind and not the search engine and you will do fine.  Ultimately, you want your reader coming back and that is the most important thing.

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