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Kamis, 06 September 2012

Money Truth of Fiverr and eBay

Fiverr truth-
I have used fiverr, but got banned, so i decided to use a fiverr alternative instead. And before anyone comments, i never even got a chance to add a job, i simply placed an order with an email address they obviously didn't like then they banned me, so now i use another fiver alternative named fiverjobsite. Why you ask, well i feel they have more potential to come, they even give you points as well as a cheaper site fees of just 1% promotion offer right now, their standard fees are also lower than fiverr, with fees starting at just 17.5% fees are tiered depending on the level you are on, with just 0% site fees if you manage to reach diamond vip with an option to earn a residual income from the site fees by paying the site a small monthly subscription, giving the affiliate who recommended the member a share of the subscription fee.. Yes, and they will even pay you all the site fees from members in the gold-diamond level for a small subscription. But first you must reach diamond level. not easy i admit, as this blog state, a member of fiverr earns $24000 a year, this shouldn't be too difficult to achieve this target.

Anyway great blog, and if you like fiverr, you will love the potential of fiverjobsite.com

eBay Selling-
Selling online has been one of the most popular activities of individuals who make money on the Internet. This is because using the Internet in marketing and selling products are some of the best ways to gain profit and reputation from customers. It is really true that we can always sell almost everything on the Internet, however, as an Internet marketer you have to consider always the ethical ways of promoting and selling your products to real customers for you to gain real profit. Selling online is not as successful as we always have in mind, there are also some failures that we can encounter. Thank you for sharing this great content, I really appreciate the information you have given to us. SHARED TO SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES


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